WIRED f ワイアード エフ SEIKO セイコー TOKYO GIRL MIX 腕時計 レディース AGEK449

お見舞い URBAN ツーリング用ボックス Vストローム250 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH ABS 250(18-).|BC.HTA.05.908.30000/… V-Strom Suzuki l. 16、5 system2x case side-トップケース・リアボックス

●商品名:URBAN ABS side case system2x 16、5 l. Suzuki V-Strom 250(18-).|BC.HTA.05.908.30000/B



URBAN ABS side case systemHard shell,aerodynamic shape:with the light and yet durable URBAN ABS cases,you can transform your street bike into a travel cycle.The URBAN ABS cases can be attached securely to the SLC side carrier with a quick-release fastener in one swift move.The compact cases of ABS plastic and the bike-specific carriers impress with their optimum shape and high quality production.ABS plastic combines light weight with extra durability.The material impresses with its fantastic properties and has been used by us for years.The structured surface of the URBAN ABS case is easy to care for and resists scratching.The interior,with its padded textile filling is easy to acces.The case can be opened completely or only partially.Elastic cross tensioning straps make stowing luggage easy.The URBAN ABS cases underline the dynamics of your motorcycle and only minimally affect the riding properties.Enjoy your tour,you dont have to worry about your luggage:waterproof inner bags,integrated theft protection and lockable zippers protect the contents from wind,weather and sticky fingers.
Features of the URBAN ABS side casesLight side case for sporty motorcycles and naked bikesDurable,robust and lightweight due to the 2.5-mm and 2-mm thick ABS plasticStorage/Weight:16.5 l/ 1.4 kg(per case),33 1 /2.8(per set)Secure mounting to the SLC side carrier via a quick-release fastenerMarking on the quick-release fastener shows whether the case is correctly seatedAnti-theft protection by securing to the SLC side carrier and lockable zippersCarrying handles allow you to carry both cases with one handReflective details for more safety in trafficThe structured surface is easy to clean and scratch resistantStow luggage conveniently with elastic tension cross strapsOpen it completely on the hotel bed or flip it open partially:Lid limiters with snap buckle secure the contentPadded polyester textile lining,laminated with PU foam,plus bag for stowing the lock for motorcycle luggageWaterproof inner bags included with deliveryMaterial:ABS plastic/PolyesterColor:BlackSurface:StructuredWeight:2.8 kgVolume:33 lFeatures of the SLC side carriersSLC side carrier adapts perfectly into your lookBike-specific shape enables easy mounting to the original attachment pointsSLC side carriers of stable steel piping guarantee secure hold of the URBAN ABS side casesMaterial:Steel pipingColor:BlackSurface:Powder coatedIncluded in delivery2 URBAN ABS side cases2 SLC side carriers2 waterproof inner bags 2 motorcycle bag locksMounting materialMounting instructions



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お見舞い URBAN ツーリング用ボックス Vストローム250 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH ABS 250(18-).|BC.HTA.05.908.30000/… V-Strom Suzuki l. 16、5 system2x case side-トップケース・リアボックス本場のハワイアンシェフが作る、本場のハワイアンフード

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